Monday, December 12, 2011

Evolution of Starbucks Logo!!

Starbucks Logo has evolved speedily over the years. This starbucks logo has been redesigned several times with the "siren" being improved everytime.

Below I have collected the different stages of Starbucks Logo Redesign.

• 1971: The first logo, designed by Terry Heckler of Heckler Associates, was a coffee brown colored symbol. It illustrated the iconic mermaid based on the mythical ‘siren’ in the 15th Century.

• 1987: The hair of the siren was dropped down to cover the chest area. And the color of the logo was changed from brown to the famous “green”.

• 1992: It was further censored in 1992 by cropping the spreading legs of the siren leaving only its upper body.

• 2011: In an attempt to create a minimal logo, the iconic green Siren has been shifted out of the circle and the words "Starbucks Coffee" have been dropped.