Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Successful Logo Redesigns of Famous Brands

When a logo design represents a brand for so many years, it becomes a symbol of identity and valuable marketing tool for that corporation. Considering this strong position which a logo design holds, a company owner should be very careful while getting a logo redesign. These should be subtle changes which should refresh the corporate image of the enterprise.

This blog post displays Successful Logo Redesigns of Famous Brands. Many times, we get so habitual of associating a brand with its logo, that we seldom approve of the redesigned version. But the below ones truly contributed to the corporate image of these brands.

Toys R Us

MTV Logo

NET Logo

Netcom Logo

Argos logo

Delta Air Lines

Google Logo

Rhapsody Logo

Apple Logo

UK Space Agency logo


  1. Nice collection. You should have FedEx up there too with the redesign by Landor.

  2. These are some pretty good examples of a great logo design for a company.

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  4. logo redesign is also a strategy for new look of old business.

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